Reddit Books AMA

Oct 6, 2015 | About Caroline

Hello, Reddit! I’m Caroline Kepnes. My debut novel You was published just over a year ago. It’s the story of an obsessive, cantankerous, murderous New York bookseller named Joe Goldberg. Stephen King called it hypnotic and original.

I couldn’t leave Joe alone, so I wrote a sequel called Hidden Bodies. That book will be out in February. I can’t wait for February and that is something I have never said until this year.

Here’s proof:

Thanks for joining me today. I’ll starts answering questions at 5pm EST. And seriously, ask me anything.

EDIT: Ah, that was good. Thank you, spirited readers and writers. You are thoughtful and inquisitive and I am so happy to talk with you. I’ll check back in here tomorrow, so if you’re coming here after 7pm EST on 10/7/15 you can still ask me anything.