The Author Stalker Interview

Feb 5, 2016 | About Caroline, Hidden Bodies, You

After months of hearing readers gush about Caroline Kepnes’s debut novel You, I gave in, got a copy…and gobbled it up in two too-short days. Will you believe me when I say this is a fun book about stalking? It’s a thriller for the literary crowd; the stalker, Joe, works in a bookstore, and his victim, Beck, is an MFA student. There’s so much goodness in here about class, misogyny, the internet, literary snobs, relationships, manipulation, etc. Ahhhhh it’s really good. Good like it’s being developed into a Showtime miniseries. Good like its sequel, Hidden Bodies, is coming out on February 23 to rave reviews. Many thanks to Caroline for answering my questions about writing, Stephen King, book snobs, and what it was like to write for Tiger Beat and 7th Heaven.