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About Caroline

Pop Literacy Podcast

She’s a Pop Literacy returning guest. And though fans of her delicious, Netflix drama-inspiring thriller series of books about handsome stalker Joe Goldberg might not think it possible, we’re telling you: You Love Me, the latest and third book in her Joe series is the...

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Book Page Review (Nashville)

You Love Me is more broadly funny than You; Joe’s restraint from violence does not mean the body count is low, and some of the deaths are, to put it mildly, absolutely bonkers.

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Caroline on why she created Joe Goldberg

Every time someone asks what inspired me, I think of something new, because that first book is a sum of so many books you read. Today I think about the Choose Your Own Adventures series that was popular when I was a kid. Those books made me so anxious! The horror of...

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Review: Booktopia (Australia)

For returning readers, the third novel sets itself apart from the previous two, as Joe appears to have matured. How, you may be asking? Simple: Joe has grown emotionally. Does he still have the same self destructive and controlling tendencies? Yes, indeed he does, but...

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