Interview with Book Referees

Feb 5, 2015 | About Caroline, You

Orsayor: How does it feel to know Stephen King (The King of Literary) loves your book?

Caroline: It feels spectacular. Surreal. Dream come true. I was in a store in the mall when I found out from my cousin Julie. She texted me, I flipped out and ran out the store. And then a half hour later I went back to get my wallet, which I tossed on a pile of sweaters. It’s the greatest because I’m such a huge fan of his, my whole life, on so many levels. I love how prolific he is, the psychological depth of his stories and the mastery. I love his work so much, and I love the way he is in life, rooting for writers, for the Red Sox. So yep. IT FEELS ALL CAPS GOOD.